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Brand Building Strategies

The brand product

This product is brand. In terms of perception and information processing, the most effective way to determine the very name of the product, which will be available to any other product. Brand name product brand strategy is strongly encouraged, so as to obtain their identity and their image. Therefore, the brand can get different items is the customer in mind. More time in production “to” a series of forums, and stand on its own. The brand product allows access to exclusive grades and differentiation.

He can not share other products and communities do not participate. Company takes a back seat to product and company names are not benefited. The biggest advantage is that the brand can be precisely target different markets or target customers, because it could put exactly clear. Communication with customers to easily brand the product as Mark what a trend is clear.

P is warm and follow the product brand strategy. Phosphorus is hot “in child care, beauty care, female care, health care, fabric care, home care, food and beverages, etc. P and G has been a fierce supporter of the brand product strategy. Mark Stand Alones business that people do not even know that they all share common based company was warm and phosphorus do not share common identity. Thus, under the company brand products a better position to participate in relevant fields of activity is subject to control without market.

Another advantage is that an identifying mark unique position in the sector with the aim, the company can cover the full range of market, multi-entry sign.

Disadvantages of product brands based on the principle of value. Brand to create individual exercise is expensive. Only companies with deep pockets and long staying power may adopt this strategy.

Brand Line

This type of “one Mark of many products. Sometimes just start with specific concepts GE Lakme (” source of radiant beauty) winter caring lotion application your brand different market segments that value and brand concept. The main idea is that the brand is affiliated with a group of members and customers do not want to be satisfied with a product that the brand offers, but they want an additional product that goes hand in hand with the concept name or commercial application; as Lakme user wants all the beauty products that enhance beauty lotion, deep pore cleansing creams, lipsticks, nail enamel, make up and so on.

Online brand strategy shows how a brand can grow well under the concept of products related to extended. These strategies aim to influence the client and not to penetrate the market. Aims to meet any additional needs that require comprehensive primary. Mark begins with the product line, but then spread very wide range of complementary products. Product line brand identity from the original. Marketing products under the brand power and marketing to increase sales rather than brand them as individual.

Colgate to a wide range of dental care products. Colgate Total, Colgate Gel, toothpowder Colgate toothbrushes and different.

Brand Extension

Brand extensions are a popular way to introduce new products in the market belonging to “a type of marking all products’ brand strategies. Extension symptoms typical situation, confirmed the brand new product requests or related category or irrelevant to the equity of the brands Great investment. knowledge of consumer brand name of the primary benefits to enter the market with new product development and helps to get Mark to market of new parts quickly.

Development are the two basic formats: horizontal and vertical. Horizontal expansion of existing signs in sign is applied to new products or product-related class or a completely new product, our floor. The brand expanded vertically, on the other hand, include the introduction of signal formats. The same product category, big brands, but in another point of price and quality. Expanded vertical mark, mark or description has been introduced, usually with two major brands in order to demonstrate the relationship between the brand and expand the brand (like the original Marriott Hotel, motel courtyard by Marriott). Although signs of development assistance generating consumer acceptance of new products through new product communication with the well-known brand or company name, but it risks undermining the original brand image a layer or harming the equity made under the original name brands. Sufficient Mark Forums formats can lead to disability can be very difficult for a company to overcome. Broad types of symptoms are:

Form of product development:

The product was launched various usually means expanding the line and not sign the extension. But if a product is different from a completely different product category in terms of customer behavior, signs will be called the extension. For G. E. Liquid milk, milk powder and can not be seen as a product category. Similarly, chocolate powder, belonging to different product categories.


The brand extension is likely to satellite products is more common. This idea may be to focus on complementary product. Users can view both the product together and thereby the possibility of expanding the brand launch.

Customer franchise:

Marketer may product range to meet specific customer needs expand. For example, the company can variety of products for schools will be launched F. G. kindergarten. Emphasis here is not based on the customer, but their different needs.

Company history:

Brand extensions often introduced in various forms of product categories, using common names, but stem from a common pool experience. This strategy particularly true in Japanese.

Differentiation Brand:

Many brands to achieve distinction in the form of unique characteristics, interests or characteristics unique to the brand is associated. In such cases the company can work backward to launch a variety of products primarily in cash distinction. For example, the parachute may experience from eating coconut in the minds of customers over time to be. The company Marico opportunity to launch various products that exploit the difference shows.

Brand image and reputation:

The brand can lead to expansion of offensive categories not relevant to the product based on the unique brand image and reputation. Monopoly brand and credibility to the possibility of major expansion. This particularly true for designers and artists symptoms.

Umbrella sign

Mark this one again all products with the parent brand umbrella brand that appears in many products, which may separate each image is marked. Companies with short-term incentive to reduce quality and cost savings as users can post quality monitoring have previous.

Videocon range of home appliances – air conditioners, refrigerators, TV, washing machine etc. Philips also has a wide range of home appliances under the Philips brand, Mixers, Irons, television, and so on.

Mark umbrella flower size by economics. Investment in a brand is less expensive than trying to build different brands. To achieve a common goal with the name brand product diversity distribution investment. So signs of an umbrella strategy is economic. Using an umbrella brand to enter new markets (Tata overrun car market car built) allows savings is considerable. Gives advantages of a brand new forum and product brand instant fame.

The first explanation for the development of the brand umbrella brand that form the domain of the economy saves the cost of creating a new mark. Brands intrinsic value (or otherwise the situation) and therefore as a “public good”, meaning that most products under the brand name that create more total value sold. Different perspective on brand extensions is a world where consumers are uncertain about product characteristics (due to horizontal and vertical distinction), the brand can play an information role. Umbrella brand could be uncertainty about the characteristics of a new product, which actually increases the amount consumers if sensitive to reduce risk. Due to these factors can be said that the umbrella brand strategy is superior is noteworthy that there are between each set of buyers of our products overlap. As a result of this expanded concept of brand is the most popular formats and brand umbrella only successful if a good balance between different products under the same umbrella.

The main risk related to the umbrella brand that since many products share the same name, a product category, failure may be due to the products affected is public identity.

Approved brand

Brand strategy confirmed corrected version has been marked twice. This Product Mark Mark notable companies that fall under the situation. Brand umbrella is playing the role of indirect transfer of some common public forum. This is only confirmed as the brand product are listed. In general, looking brand stand on its own.

Approved brand belonging to certain companies.

Kit Kat warns that it belongs to the Nestle milk and milk show that it belongs to Cadburys. Published Cinthol insists that this product, Godrej.

Although these brands enjoy a unique image, where image makers’ Association also part. Confirming the attack, the balance between the brand and umbrella brand products.

About Cadbury and Nestle, trademarks referred to above have their own unique position and image. Cadbury or Nestlé brand protection as they pass certain features or associations, is to increase customer confidence. Brand names with their names known.